Why and why shouldn’t you get a Samoyed?

Let’s get into how a Samoyed looks and what’s the history behind the breed. It gives a basic idea about the dog. We will then get into the pros and cons of owning one.


Samoyed is a medium to large sized dog with a robust physique. It embodies elegance, vigor and agility. Males stand 57 cm at the withers and weighs in range of 20-30 kg. It has dark eyes, which is usually brown. The lips form a curvature resembling a smile. It is equally an effective indicator of its pleasant demeanor. Samoyed comes with a white or cream double coat.

Where is it from?

Samoyed is an ancient dog breed from Russia. Samoyed is the tribe of people who developed this breed. They inhabited the Russian and Siberian regions centuries ago. They used Sammies to herd reindeer and used them for warmth. The tribal men would just sit near their furry pets to gain warmth. It was in the late 19th century, this breed became known to majority of the Western world.

Why should you get a Samoyed?

There are million reasons Samoyed owners have to owning their dog. Listed here is just the best three. Tell us why you love your Samoyeds in the comments section below.

  • Cuteness quotient

Who can resist these cute and smiling Sammies? We just cannot take our eyes off. It’s the double coat that makes them irresistible to dog owners. They are almost odor free. The Samoyeds always looks like holding a smiling grim. Their looks and expressions sound more like these dogs are trying to talk to you. They look majestic given you take care of the grooming. They almost have a lion type mane. The name is smiling Sammies aka Sammies aka Samoyeds!

  • Cute singing

Besides all that shedding, these dogs even bark cute. They create a kind of singing noise and they sound divine. Samoyeds don’t just bark, they sing! Courtesy of their singing like bark, they can also be called the singing Sammies

  • Adept to all climates

These dogs love to please. They have entered all regions of the world. Sammies are more adept to colder climates. They have the coat and enough fur for extreme cold. When you get them to tropical climate you got a problem. Samoyeds tend to overheat because of their double coat. You’ll want to keep them groomed at all times. Because of this, we recommend you purchase some good dog clippers and the best dog grooming table. It’s expensive to bring a dog to the groomers. It’s better to do it yourself. Learn more tips at this website.

Why you shouldn’t get a Samoyed?

There can be just one reason why you shouldn’t get a Samoyed – Grooming duties. This might be intimidating for first time dog owners.

  • Grooming duties

In case of furry pets, cuteness comes first. That’s what helps us connect with our pets. One of the cutest breeds in dogs will be the smiling Sammies. With cuteness, comes responsibility. You are essentially dealing with epic amounts of fur. Sammies are heavy shedders too. You need to groom them frequently. In addition to that, the house needs to be cleaned regularly. It’s advisable to wear slippery clothes while petting Sammies. It’s seriously that huge amount of fur to deal with.