Understanding the responsibilities in owning a Samoyed

Samoyeds are incredibly cute dogs. The dog owner’s fraternity has no disagreement. What bother most people are the grooming responsibilities. Would I be able to take care of all the grooming? Does the smiling Sammies have to be bathed too often? These are some of the questions people have in mind. To start off with the good news, Sammies are almost odorless. They don’t have to be bathed too often. Bathing them excessively gets rid of the needed natural oils. Nevertheless, their double coat needs a lot of grooming. The smiling Sammies are heavy shedders. Their fur was once used to even make clothing in Japan.

Dealing with high energy levels

Samoyeds involve epic amounts of fur. Handful of fur comes out even during friendly petting. You can consider investing in a good vacuum system. You need a commercial grade, high quality vacuum. Samoyeds are highly active breeds. Making them sit in one place is not so easy. Be prepared to channel non-stop energy somewhere else. You can make the do exercises and get their energy spent. Play Frisbee with them, take them for walk or involve them in some activity. When they want to just rest, they are easy to be groomed.

Choose based on personality

Before including them as members of your family, inspect their personality. The alphas aren’t suited for first time dog owners. You need to take care of the excessive fur too. With their high energy they can become destructive. They can wreak havoc in your home. Prepare yourself for what you are getting into. People adopt Sammies for their cuteness and overlook the responsibilities that come along with it. Do not be that guy or girl. Know beforehand that till the age of two, you are going to deal with crazy amount of energy.

Chewing Samoyed

Samoyeds are otherwise called the smiling Sammies or smiling dogs. They are also known for their singing type howl. The lesser known fact is they are chewers. They can chew holes in the non-concrete walls and furniture. From sound surrounds in speakers to window silts to carpeting, nothing really is spared. These dogs bite through your entire home. They shed a lot of fur to annoy you more. With a Sammy in your home, consider not having carpets at all. Wooden floor or tiles suit the best. You also have to play with them to bring down their energy to manageable levels. Give them some toys to chew on, until they are not interested.

Grooming accessories

Invest in a high quality vacuum, which will still be replaced in a year. Use a broom to sweep the floors often. Invest in a range of grooming brushes. Use slippery clothing while playing with Sammies. The fur just rushes off from such clothing. The Samoyeds require brushing every single day. You might want to brush them outside your house. When it comes to grooming, the Sammies are demanding. There are just no two ways about it. When given these efforts they fit into any kind of family.