Samoyeds – Care and Maintenance

Samoyeds are quite an ancient breed. Like lots of polar breed their history goes back a thousand years and more. The first of the sightings were in 16th century, when a few explorers spotted these dogs. They come in a lot of colors then. The modern day kennel club standards approves of just different variations of white or cream.


The puppies need to be brushed as early as possible. The idea is to get them used to grooming. The thick double coat needs to be tidied up often. Their coat keeps them warm in the winters. The dogs need them in top shape. In the summers, they even take the heat away from the body. The air should pass smoothly through the long, dense coat.

Vet and vaccine

A good healthy Samoyed male can get to 25 kilos. The females come in on a neat 19 years. They can live up to 14 years. Following a scheduled vaccinated program is required. You should vaccinate them too much. Visit a vet who knows the breed like back of the hand. Only a very few vet specialized in such breeds. Consult with your local club pals about proper vet and vaccine.

Dog owner responsibilities

You need to understand a lot about this breed. You need to understand the grooming, barking, digging and destructions. Do not buy one before learning about the responsibilities you have a dog owner. The grooming alone is such a trouble. Samoyeds are epic shedders, which will require you to clean up after them quite often. They shed hair all over the place.

Singing Sammies

Samoyeds are a very vocal breed. Though not aggressive they bark a lot. Their bark might sound like they are singing. They like to talk back to you. They like to let you know of their presence. You need to train them to tone down on the barking. When they are quiet, you have to reward. The Sammies love to chase everything that movies. From squirrels to birds, they are after everything. They cause such wreckage in your home. They are restless till they get a bit older.

Not a loner…

These dogs are never fine with some ‘being alone’ time. Consider having a pet sitter. They can cause such wreckage when they are alone at home. They are in constant need of human attention. A Samoyed dog like all the attention it receives. A good way to keep them busy is to give them a sand put. Samoyeds have a penchant for digging. It’s pretty much a common phenomenon amongst polar dog breeds.


Samoyeds can live in apartment, given they are provided with plenty amount of exercise. If you live in warmer climate, these dogs can overheat. It is not advisable to walk them in summers. You need to dog proof your home before getting a Samoyed. From carpets to tables to slippers they chew on everything. You need to define entry and no entry points to your puppy. They are adaptable for most climates.