Samoyed Breed Information

Breed History

The name of this breed comes from the Samoyed tribe who inhabited the north of Siberia. They used these dogs to guard herds of reindeer and to pull sleds. Their wool were collected and used to make warm clothes. In the 20th century, Samoyeds spread to other regions, thanks largely to fur traders. Today Samoyeds are one of the popular household pets.


This is a medium-sized, strong and muscular dog. It has long and slender legs. The broad head is medium in size, with a conical muzzle and a black nose (rarely brown or dark red). The eyes are almond-shaped, separated and dark. They have small, round ears, which are wide apart and faces straight. The tail is long and fluffy. It comes with a double coat. The undercoat is a fluffy, thick, ands short. The outer coat is coarse and strong. The coat comes in different versions of white, cream and biscuit colors. The hair is longer at the neck, giving a mane like appearance.


Samoyeds are friendly, gentle, cheerful, intelligent, dynamic, alert dog, slightly stubborn, dominant, capricious and sometimes naughty. Their training should start from an early age. They are pretty receptive to basic as well as advanced commands. Samoyeds has the perfect temperament for children. They are friendly with everyone, including strangers. Samoyeds are rather dominant in comparison to other dog breeds. They are required to be socialized from an early age. When socialized properly most of the stranger issues are sorted out.


Being independent and stubborn at times, Samoyeds are not easy to be trained. Training should begin at a very early age. It has to be strict and diverse to keep the dog engaged. Mental simulation should be factored in during training. Samoyeds must be socialized from an early age with other pets because their hunting instincts can take over at any random time.

Grooming and care

Many Samoyed dog owners prefer to hire a professional groomer for their dogs. Although expensive, it makes life easy for the dog owners. You would have to brush the coat excessively. Sammies are heaviest of shedders. They make you clean after them for most part. Slippery clothes might be required while petting them. Invest heavily in a range of grooming products. Vets and vaccines are integral part of Samoyed’s health. Nevertheless, excessive vaccination should be strictly avoided.

Dog products

Consider investing seriously in grooming supplies. We are talking Samoyeds here. They are one of the epic shedders. You need a range of brushes, combs and blow-dryers. Get plan brushes, bristle brushes with a handle, pin brush and more. You can get lot of them for just under $10. High end pet dryers make involve some serious cash. Get slippery clothes to increase your playtime with Samoyeds. Get good quality shampoos and conditioners. Hair clippers and trimmers can come handy when needed. Invest in bathing equipment though it will not be used often. Improvised showers and sprayers are available for Samoyeds and other furry pets.