Hawkwind is a small kennel in a rural area outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We only breed when we want something ourselves.  So...a kennel in name only, since all of our dogs are house pets! We place a special emphasis on temperament, and believe that the original temperament of the Samoyeds was gentle, loving, and exceptionally connected to their human companions.  We also focus upon genetics, believing that by responsible breeding we can have healthier Samoyeds far into the future.

Breed only the best. For the best unfailingly produce the best.

While we believe the only way you can truly tell the quality of the dogs bred is in the arena of show ring and competition events, the reason we breed Sammies is to care for the gene pool and carry sound, healthy dogs into the future.

But chiefly for our own pleasure and delight!

In the testing ground of the show ring, Hawkwind bred the 2000 SCA National Best Futurity Puppy, the 2001 SCA National Best of Winners, Best Bred By, and a littermate was an Award of Merit in 2001.  Another Hawkwind girl was High Champion in Trial in JWW Agility. ln an astonishingly short period of time we have produced several Specialty winning Samoyeds, excellent agility Samoyeds, dogs who succeed on many levels, by utilizing some of the what we feel are the strongest gene pools we know about.

In that way, we want to thank the breeders of the past who did what they could to bring the strongest genes forward for our use.  The future of the breed, the really quality dogs, have always been within a very select few 'bloodlines.'  It is in research we discovered what we felt were 'the best of the best.' We found all these dogs went back to the same several dogs, and have been carefully blending pedigrees from these lines to produce what you see today.

It's a work in progress...

While the larger vision is about preserving the breed, on a daily level it's about the love of the dogs as they play in the yard and grace our couch!

About Samoyeds will tell you a great deal about living with a Samoyed. Although they have no physical scent because of many years of close human companionship, they are not the breed for everyone.

We invite you to join Samfans@samfans.org to learn more about this breed in general. We breed maybe once per year, so for those in the hunt for a perfect baby to share your life, we don't often have puppies available.  This site is a celebration of the love and joy of the Samoyed.  Not a puppy production and sales venture!!! Be aware that many sites on the Internet can misrepresent themselves with great pictures and rhetoric.  Look into the heart of the breeder and the heart of the Samoyed. Do your homework. With top flight breeders you usually have to be on a waiting list.  It's worth it.  There is no 'fast and easy' way to raise quality puppies who have all the advantages to become what the breed truly can be.

For those who can daily look deep into beautiful brown eyes and share their soul with a Samoyed, we celebrate with you one of the most special relationships that exists on this planet. 

We are more than happy to answer your questions about Samoyeds and to help you find a good breeder or a rescue in your area if you're looking for a special relationship. Just write us! 

Our philosophy on breeding...

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