A-Z about Samoyeds

Samoyed is one of the most popular dog breeds from Russia. Their white and fluffy coat appeals to almost anyone. The Samoyed tribes inhabited the northern Russian region. They depended on their dogs to hunt reindeer. The dogs were used to guard against predators too. The fluffy coat also provided warmth. The tribal people will sit next to Samoyeds to feel warm. It was only in 1889, they got worldwide attention. It was when, they travelled to the U.K. Following the initial reach they were quickly commissioned for all Europe. The breed went on to explore other hemisphere.

General appearance

Samoyed is a medium sized, strong and elegant dog. It got cute yet tough looks. Their facial shape makes them look like smiling all the time. That’s why they are often dubbed as the smiling Sammies. Their head is V shaped and is in excellent proportion to its body. The tail arches back towards the sides. The coat is composed of two layers. The outer layer is straight and thick. The undercoat is short and dense. The modern Samoyeds are always white in color. They however come in different shades of white and cream. Temperament wise, they are friendly, alert and lively breed of dogs.


Their origins might lead us to believe hunting is their forte. Nevertheless, their hunting instincts are not too strong. They are a super friendly dog breed. They get along well with kids and smaller pets. Proper training and socialization is a must. Their teeth should be brushed thrice a week. If you want them to stay clean and healthy, bath them every month. You should take them for a walk more than once per day. They are in constant need of day to day exercises. With proper walks and exercises they can adopt to most regions in the world.

Exercises and training

Apart from physical exercises, you need to provide them with mental simulation. Hunting games are provided in training. You can purchase toys stuffed with treats. Provide them with extra calories when needed. Look into their pedigree and check for authenticity of the breed. Samoyed possesses above average intelligence. They rank highly in terms of intelligence amongst dog breeds. It’s not a breed with learning difficulties. Their development as a puppy needs to be positive and appropriate. You need to socialize these dogs from puppyhood. Conduct positive reinforcements to achieve best results. Develop a strong relationship with your dog from an early stage.


Teach them with basic training and commands. They are required for ensure communication and safety. The dogs develop behavioral problems when left alone for a long time. They can live up to 14 years. Make sure you can provide that sort of commitment as a dog owner and family. Pay visits to the vet at least twice a year. Follow the dog’s vaccination schedule. It’s not uncommon to learn something new about Samoyed every day. We will keep you posted on other aspects of this breed in coming posts.