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Puppies home raised have a far greater success rate for potty training and socializing. NO Hawkwind puppies are raised in cages or kennel runs. Ever. Nor do we allow our studdogs to be used by people who are not home with their puppies all day. Our bloodlines have been been carefully selected for health, and genetic pressure has been used to select ONLY the healthiest dogs for generations so every effort has been done to create healthy Samoyeds. This is a labor of love and we are there for you 24 hours a day with any questions for the life of the Samoyed. We have a family list so you have access to many other Hawkwind samoyed owners who get together for play dates, ski jouring, sledding and weight pull as well as meeting at dog shows. Our puppy buyers include vets, vet techs, trainers, and people with decades of experience with Samoyeds.

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Puppies available now to the right home:



Reservations being taken on babies:

Litter being bred soon. Due in April. Litter in New York.

Litter due in spring in Illinois.

Look at the news pages and current litter pages for more information! And pictures! We are re-organizing pages now, and some pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

One of our foundations: BISS Champion "Page"

Puppy Questionnaire

Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help us see if our philosophies match and a Hawkwind Samoyed will be happy in your home forever.  Hopefully this site has given you a good look at how we feel and the love we have for every dog born from our bloodlines.

How to Get a Puppy...
Fill out the questionnaire and call us within the next few days. We'll chat about your life and desires and talk dogs. I can tell you more on what is being planned and why. If we agree that a Hawkwind puppy is right for you, then you can send a $250 deposit ($400 show/working puppies**see more on evaluation of show/working puppies after the questionnaire). If we don't have the right pet (either sex, temperament, etc.) for you, the deposit can be forwarded to another litter. Deposits are non refundable and indicate a serious interest in a puppy. The remainder is due when you pick up your baby. I organize puppy days where waiting puppy owners can see the babies. You have to promise not to fall in love with a particular puppy!!! We do have certain procedures for cleanliness, but please do not wear perfume! Puppy noses are so sensitive!

I know it seems like forever until the babies come! In that time we suggest you read Culture Clash by Joan Donaldson, a great book on dog behavior. Find a puppy class. Come to a show with us. Watch an agility trial. We'll show you how to order supplies for much less than the pet stores!

Each litter has a theme so we can talk about what potential 'registered' names might be. It's time to dream!

Now about you....

It's your turn. We want to know about YOU! Please take a few moments to answer the following questions by copying and pasting this form into an email or fax and return it to us at Hawkwindsams@cs.com. or Suzie@Hawkwindsamoyeds.com or call our cell at 952.367.6496. If we do not have puppies or have too many reservations, we will go the extra mile to help you get connected to someone who can help you.  Reputable Samoyed breeders are a tight knit community and we often know of the breeding plans of others.

Thank you for your interest in Hawkwind Samoyeds. We look forward to hearing from you!

These are some questions to help us be sure that you will be getting a puppy that you are happy with. It is also to help us be assured that puppies will be going to good homes. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way, but to determine if our love of Samoyeds is similar enough that we can be the breeder you count on for questions on your dog for his/her entire life. If we differ in significant areas, we can forward you to someone who more closely fits your needs. Please feel free to be candid in your responses. (If you need this questionnaire emailed to you in a separate document, request it at hawkwindsams@cs.com. )

Home Phone               Work Phone              Email
How did you learn about us?

Why have you decided to buy a Samoyed?

What breeds of dogs have you owned in the past?

Have you ever raised a litter of puppies? What breed?

Will this be your family's first dog?
Do you currently own any other pets?
Dog?    Age?   
Other pets?    What Types?
Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep?

Have you ever had a dog that died or had a significant health issue? Please

Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter or humane society or given a dog up to rescue? Please provide the details.

Have you ever given a dog away? Please tell us details.

What did you like most about your pet? Least?

What would you like to make sure you have in your Samoyed for traits? What do you wish NOT to have.

Do you prefer a male or a female? Why?
Are you looking for a young puppy________________ or an older

If the sex you prefer is not available, will you accept a puppy of the opposite sex?

Have you ever used a crate for training?

What is the most important reason(s) for purchasing a Samoyed (please check
all that apply):
family companion_______ show dog_____ breeding  _______ obedience
competition____agility/flyball competition____pet therapy_____ a dog for the
kids _____other____________(specify please)

Do the other members of your family also want to get a puppy?

Do any members of your family have any types of allergies to dogs?

Do you mind frequent grooming and vacuuming?? :)

Are you looking for a dog as a gift for someone else?

Describe your family?  Something of your lifestyle?

Who will take care of your puppy/dog when you go away on vacation?

If you don't currently have children, are you planning to start a family in the future?

Do you live in a house/Apt._________If you rent have you checked with your landlord about getting a dog?

Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing?__________ If not would you be willing to do so before bringing home a new puppy/dog or build a secure kennel run for the puppy/dog to be in when not being safely supervised for its safety?

How do you plan to keep your puppy safe?

Do you have a swimming pool?______________ Is it fenced?_______________________________

How will you be housing your Samoyed?

Are you looking for an "outdoor" dog, or one that will live inside the house much of the time?
Where would the puppy or dog be housed during the day if no one is home?
Will you be willing to go to obedience classes?  Puppy Kindergarten?

Where will the puppy sleep at night?

How long will the puppy be alone the first weeks with you?

Do you work full time? Can someone let the baby out for play at intervals?

Have you completed any CKC/AKC titles on other dogs? If so please describe.

Are you planning on taking this puppy to obedience classes so he will become a treasured companion and a canine good citizen?
What training facility do you plan on using?

Do you have a veterinarian?
What is the name of the veterinarian and clinic you will be using for the puppy?
Have you used this vet before?
May we contact them for a reference?
Please tell us a little bit about what you are looking for in a Samoyed and what type of activities you would likely be pursuing (such as a couch potato, jogging companion, a buddy for the kids, etc).

When this puppy is purchased as a family companion and is not going to be
bred, do you agree to have it spayed or neutered at an age appropriate for the puppie's development and health? (We no longer support spay neuter too young due to health issues. Ask us for the  veterinary studies that outline the health risks.)

Show Puppies:

If you are interested in a show puppy, are there references you would like to
list? i.e.: Breeders, trainers, handlers vets etc.

Do you have any experience showing dogs?  If yes, please elaborate.

If you have bought other show puppies please list from whom they were purchased.

If this is a show pup, will you being showing yourself or hiring someone to show for you?

EVERYTHING ELSE!!! This is the place where you can tell me everything else you would like to, and ask us questions!

Thank You for filling out this questionnaire!

Please return it to us by cutting and pasting in an email.
 Email-  Hawkwindsams@cs.com    Suzie@hawkwindsamoyeds.com
 952.440.7777 - 10am to 10pm.
If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming litter or the purchasing of a puppy, please don't hesitate to contact us. Be sure to check the rescue page on our website for options as well!


** Show and working home puppies are "pick" puppies. While many of the babies could and do finish championships and gain working degrees, some have come to us for foundations for their kennels, agility dogs, herding, sled or therapy dogs, and 'specials' quality show dogs.

The evaluation of these puppies involve different criteria. In showing/foundation you get a film of the structural aspects and we discuss with you what might meet your needs long term. If you are looking at one of our dogs to blend with your dog's pedigree, kennel or line, we may help you find the puppy who is dominant or strong for your dog/kennel's weakest links, be they genetic, structural, or simply head and coat concerns.

In agility and working dogs we may have them tested for temperament beyond what we do normally (49 day assessment), and employ an agility instructor to help evaluate.  Agility / working dogs need to have the strongest fronts we can offer, and a drive to please and keep going despite impediments. That sort of drive is essential in a working dog of any sort.  It's known as a positive response to stress; when the going gets tough some dogs simply go into the next gear. Some dogs are simply too laid-back to excel in performance events.

An above average ability to work with their human companions is also essential, but most of our puppies have that!

Show/working home prices are $250-$500 higher than companions. They are our pick puppies when the week's of evaluation are done! If you are a novice or beginner in a sport or THINK you might want to try agility, we will make sure you get a companion dog at the high end of the scale of aptitude, but at a companion price. Any questions, feel free to call Hawkwind at 952.440.7777.