Our philosophy on breeding...

The happiest dogs are beloved family pets. While we breed for ourselves, and keep in our lives and hearts what furthers our breeding goals, most Hawkwind Samoyeds are cherished members of selected families and never see a show ring.

In making breeding decisions, we first look for the qualities that will make our puppies successful pets and preserve the history of the breed as we understand it.  Our own dogs are first and foremost our pets and our passion.

CH. Hawkwind's Full Magenta MoonWe deliberately are breeding into lines that we feel are the best genetically, contribute to longer lived Samoyeds, and are the sweetest dogs we have been able to find in the breed.

This means preferring Samoyeds whose temperaments we know over those we don't, and it means choosing sometimes to breed animals with easygoing temperaments over those with more drive to win in the show ring. While we hope some of our selected homes will show our puppies to the judges worthy of seeing them, we give priority to homes where we think the dogs will be happy.

In the long run no breed can survive unless its genetic health is protected by breeding only the soundest examples. Samoyeds are an exceptionally healthy breed and we would not knowingly breed any animal with a health question mark. Eye problems are common in our breed, but we only breed animals that have been examined and found free of inheritable defects. We do extensive research to find the background of problems in the long term attempt to eliminate many of the eye problems that lead to blindness and cataracts in Samoyeds.  We also carefully blend pedigrees with strong hip histories as this has a large genetic component and we know hips are a problem issue in our breed.

In this, and in all areas of breeding, we are looking at genetic depth, not just the health of a particular member of the pedigree. We would breed to a Samoyed with GOOD hip clearance of a litter that had all GOOD's and some EXCELLENT's, before an EXCELLENT who had littermates who graded FAIR.

Pedigree Depth. Research. Mentorship. And an unflinching gaze to what will improve the breed as a whole. The cold acceptance of facts. The ingredients of success are not secrets.  They imply hard work, and knowledge gained from the handful of the most successful breeders in the country; Not successful by some individual show win, but by the guardianship of a line of exceptional dogs for decades.  We blend a variety of bloodlines going back to what we think are the very best Samoyeds to have walked the planet. Their ancestors excel in sledding, agility, herding, weight pull and the show ring. And in their love of humanity.

When you take these Samoyeds into competition, it IS true that the cream rises to the top. Perhaps not in an individual case, as that relies upon the credentials of a particular judge, but over time a pattern does emerge. 

In our lines you will find a variety of Samoyed types, but we are breeding for a structurally sound dog with exceptional temperament over the traditionally 'pretty' dog.  Our breed has been damaged by breeding for round eyes, which in the arctic would freeze; and in soft droopy coats that require excessive care and in a natural environment would be life threatening. 

Our goal is to help preserve one of the oldest breeds in existence close to their original state, not to breed 'show dog winners.'  We do, though, have an exceptional history of winning as well. The best produces the best.

We feel that is because in the eyes of the top judges, they can find the spirit of the Samoyed as it sings through from antiquity in our dogs.

Essential Samoyed type.

Do we take a romantic bent in our view of the Samoyed?  Yes.  These dogs lived with the Samoyede nomadic tribes and the expression '3 dog night' was when it was so cold they put three dogs in the chooms (tents) with the children.  They lived with these people, sharing their lives and their struggle for survival in the cold arctic regions. By reason of geography they were not interbred much at all, and remain the pure and ancient companions of the Samoyede people.  These dogs were so entwined in tribal life that many stories tell of how difficult it was to get the tribespeople to let any of them go.

Samoyeds are considered one of the oldest dog breeds in history, and maintain this lineage of exceptional connection to humans.

These are the dogs who came to the mushers to get cuddles and strokes at nightfall. These mushers drove the dog teams across the poles, and it is said a Samoyed lead dog was the first to cross the South Pole.  Legends say it was always the 'white dogs' who craved human companionship.  When the mushers camped for the night, it was the 'white dogs' who curled up and defrosted the sleeping bags.  Legend also says that in the hardship of that life, as dogs were sacrificed for food for each other, a very few 'white dogs' survived to be the ancestors from which all modern day Samoyeds are descended.

It was usually the 'white dogs' that survived. Was it due to their camaraderie with humans?  Or the beauty and nobility they carried so proudly within a brutal life?

In the blood of all our Samoyeds flows the history of legend. This highly intelligent and good natured breed also shares with us their quiet dignity. Life with them can make you a better 'human.' Their gentleness and true concern will be there for you, unselfishly given, for their entire lives.

Our pedigrees are based upon extensive research into what we feel are the strongest producers in the breed throughout history.  We are carefully blending the pedigrees of these exceptional dogs.  Some are exemplified by their working ability and temperament, others by intelligence or genetic soundness.  All by an almost human quality they possess above and beyond all other breeds in our opinion.  The lines we choose for breeding most often have a record of the longest lived Samoyeds in the breed. We hate to lose our beloved dogs and want them with us as long as we possibly can.

Only the best of the best.

Our philosophy on placing puppies...

We require an application from a prospective owner. Knowing something about the family helps us be sure that both the new owner and the puppy will be happy with the arrangement. We want to talk to you and know what your life is like.

We absolutely require that all our puppies are family members.  Samoyeds do not do well as a 'backyard' resident. They get very naughty if not with their humans regularly.

We require a spay/neuter agreement for puppies that are not part of our personal or extended breeding program.  We do not have a 'first come-first serve' list.  We match the temperament of the puppy to what we feel are the very best homes who will raise these babies as members of their family.

If you want a Samoyed because it matches your decor, please go elsewhere.

These are the dogs with Christmas in their hearts. They will give you far more than you ever give them, if you can appreciate it.

We like to see owners involved with their dogs, and support you in any venture you care to undertake.  We do believe puppy kindergarten and basic obedience training helps immensely. The more time you put in the first year, the richer the rewards for more than a decade to come. These dogs get better and better with age. We are available for training tips, and suggestions on how to make your life with your dog the best possible. We've learned a lot of tricks over the years.

We also maintain a private yahoo list for our puppy owners. Together with other Hawkwind samoyed owners, it represents a valuable resource for many issues; health, training and current events among them.

Hawkwind puppies are raised in our home and we do everything possible to ensure that they are free of disease and parasites. Puppies are current on shots when adopted and come with health records. These are basics. We provide a health guarantee and are available to answer questions by e-mail or phone.  We have extensive socialization procedures which make for mentally sound pets.

We firmly believe that proper conditioning as youngsters makes a tremendous difference in the future relationship you have with your dog.  The important bonding times occur BEFORE the puppies are 8-12 weeks, and if puppies do not have literally tons of cuddling in certain times, they will never be as truly connected as they can be to their human companions.  This is true even in a breed as astonishingly connected to humans for centuries and centuries as this one.  You have to trust that your breeder did the right things during critical phases of growth and development. Although we work at home, we take several weeks off to attend to the puppies.  They are born beside the bed where they are coddled and doted upon as they open their eyes and senses and explore the world for the first time. They are also raised among the 'pack' and the resident cat, who do a lot to teach the baby how to get along with their own and other species.

If at any time for any reason, a Hawkwind Samoyed cannot stay in its original family, it is welcome to come home to us regardless of its age or condition. In fact, it's in our contract.

Finally, we are among those who feel that having a 'good dog' or even a champion isn't reason to breed. There are already enough dogs -- we support dog rescue and we see unwanted good dogs in animal shelters all the time. We breed only when we believe that a particular dog(s) has qualities which should be part of the future of Samoyeds -- that its genetics are so good that they can make a lasting contribution to the breed. Having had Samoyeds since I was 5 years old, these last few years are the first time I've had dogs I felt should be bred. No expense is spared in obtaining the right breeding stock, including flying in studs from far off Nova Scotia, to breeding to exceptional dogs from Alaska.

~ Our sincere thanks to Amanda Jelicek who designed and helps maintain this site.
And to all of the Hawkwind puppy owners! ~